Physiotherapy for Paralysis Patient

Is Physiotherapy Useful?

Every single person on this planet wants to be physically fit and healthy. When a person is suffering from a bone fracture, physiotherapy provides aid to the person. Various experiments proved that physiotherapy is the best way to protect a person from further muscle damage.

Physiotherapists are trained professionals and have proved to be angels to millions of people suffering worldwide. They are concerned about their body postures. Physiotherapy for paralysis patients has even made them stand up on their feet.

However, there is a plethora of misconceptions regarding the effectiveness of this stream of medical science. To learn more about the best physiotherapy in Vizag, stay tuned to us till the end, as we are about to burst the myths and introduce some amazing facts!

6 Common Myths vs Facts about Physiotherapy

Best Physiotherapy in Vizag

Myth #1: Physiotherapy can Cure only Muscle Damage

Fact: The fact is that physiotherapy is a treatment for multiple injuries like bone fractures and muscle and ligament damage. It can prevent a person from sports injuries. During practice, training and competition, a player can be injured. Therefore, physiotherapy is the fastest and easiest way that will provide relaxation to the person. The best neuro physiotherapist in Vizag has reportedly cured soft tissue injuries, bone injuries and joint injuries, giving the patients a new and better life.

Myth #2: Physiotherapy is only Required by Sports People

Fact: It is not just for sports people. Many people are suffering from muscle pain and bone and ligament injuries. In that case, physiotherapy is a good choice. For some old aged people, physiotherapy is a daily treatment. Nowadays, physiotherapy has proved to be a better solution than taking medicines. 

Myth #3: Physiotherapy needs a Prolonged Period to Recover

Fact: Usually, it depends upon the type of fracture. Here, age plays a very vital role. Elderly people need a long time to recover. Soft tissue injury and bone injury take a long time to recover. However, muscle fracture usually takes 1 week and even less than that.

Myth #4: Physiotherapy can Cause Discomfort

Fact: However, the fact is exactly the opposite. Physiotherapy is a type of massage that provides comfort to the injured part. The best physiotherapists in Vizag use a special method that helps reduce pain in the shortest time span.

Best Physiotherapist in Vizag

Myth #5: To Consult a Physiotherapist, a Doctor’s Recommendation is always Essential

Fact: People can randomly consult a physiotherapist of their own choice. The fact is that the injury should be diagnosed properly, and physiotherapy should be done accordingly.

Myth#6: Physiotherapy is a Waste of Time and Money

Fact: Physiotherapy helps reduce pain effectively. It does not take a prolonged period and aims to provide long-term relief to the patients.

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There are several myths about physiotherapy that are not true at all. Nevertheless, we must stop believing in them immediately. Physiotherapy can provide the fastest remedy, and it is proven.

The best physiotherapists in Vizag are committed to your health and well-being and available on call 24/7. Get your same-day appointment at Reclaim Physio Home to give yourself the comfort you deserve!