Neuro Rehabilitation

What is Neuro Rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation is a way to help people with diseases of the nervous system or brain. Rehabilitation tries to improve a person’s ability to function, get rid of painful symptoms and improve their life. The parts of the body potentially harmed by the neurological condition will determine what kinds of rehabilitation treatments are suggested. Reclaim Physio Home is the best rehabilitation center in Vizag to help you cure the condition.
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How Does It Work?

The neuro-rehabilitation center in Vizag offers additional treatments and therapies, while a patient would still have a primary care medical team. The rehabilitation team is full of highly qualified specialists committed to meeting the needs of each patient. After evaluating each patient, the best treatment for neuro-rehabilitation is developed. Neurological rehabilitation may involve any of the following team members:

  • Doctors with a specialty in physical medicine and rehabilitation are known as physiatrists.

  • Neuropsychologists treat cognitive and behavioral difficulties from brain damage, stroke, or other disorders. They assist patients in adjusting to ability changes. They may propose cognitive therapy or stress reduction.

  • Physical therapists help patients with pain, loss of strength, range of motion, balance, or coordination. They help people move and do physical tasks.

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  • Occupational therapists evaluate patients’ ability to eat, dress, toilet, and bathe. They want patients to be independent. Occupational therapists can perform doctor-ordered vision assessments.

  • Speech-language pathologists address speech and cognitive difficulties. These issues are common after a stroke, brain damage, or nervous system disruption. SLPs also help people with swallowing problems.

  • Therapeutic recreation specialists help patients develop hobbies. They give assistance and community participation after a patient leaves inpatient treatment.

Best rehabilitation centre in vizag

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