Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Vizag

Reclaim Physio Clinic provides the best physiotherapy in Vizag, working with patients of all ages to overcome physical limitations, whether it’s before and after surgery, assisting those recovering from illness or chronic disease or helping those who have been injured in work or vehicle accidents. Our physiotherapy clinic in Vizag aims to alleviate our patients pain and restore their quality of life.

Types of Physiotherapy We Provide at Reclaim

Physiotherapy for Paralysis/Brain Stroke

The goal of our physiotherapy for paralysis patient is to assist your affected limbs in a movement while you remain inactive.

Physiotherapy Post-Surgical Care

In addition to helping patients recover from a variety of surgical procedures, the physiotherapists at Reclaim Physio Clinic can also help them regain their strength, coordination and flexibility.

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physiotherapy clinic in vizag

Neuro Physiotherapy

At Physio Home Clinic, you can receive a variety of treatments aimed at helping you regain your daily mobility, communicate effectively and maintain your overall health and well-being.

Physiotherapy for Pain Management

The vast majority of patients, especially those with chronic pain, benefit greatly from the services of our physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy for Post Traumatic Care

Recovering from an injury can be made easier with the help of our physiotherapists, who can put in place programs like breathing-controlled exercises to increase oxygen levels and lower anxiety levels.

At Reclaim Physio Clinic, our goal is to provide the best possible rehabilitation services at a reasonable price while maintaining the highest level of quality and effectiveness.